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Beating Yourself Up NEVER Helps

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This week, Len hones in on one truth. Even though it’s common to think that negative self-talk helps motivate us to improve. It’s a lie. Beating Yourself Up NEVER Works.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 

In this episode, Len explores one concept that was a huge game-changer in his life.  

It’s so common to have inner thoughts that criticize.  But if that inner critic is always on it can take a huge toll over time.  

Even though we think negative self-talk helps motivate us to get better.  The simple truth is that it doesn’t.  It actually disempowers.  

The good news is that this is one obstacle that parents can 100% do something about.

So if you want to learn 5 simple steps to make YOU your biggest supporter, tune in now!

The secret this week: Beating Yourself Up NEVER Works


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